Abiha Hassan is a Fashion graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design. She has been working in the fashion industry since 2017, with reknown designers and brands. It was in 2021 that she started her own label. Her designs are empowering and unique. She has created a strong identity by her creative embroidery details & modern contemporary silhoeuttes. The young designer aims to bring innovative & aesthetically pleasing designs to the market while staying true to her individual perspective & cultural heritage. 
She has blended the exceptional Pakistani handcrafted skill with her unique aesthetic and high technical knowledge to create exceptional pieces that render her design skills perfectly. The vision of the brand is to empower the women of Pakistan, and has big plans for the upcoming years. 


The brand aims to blend art with fashion in a practical way. Our approach is to create aesthetic pieces of wearable art that make the customers feel confident, unique & empowered.
We, at Abiha Hassan are always trying to go beyond the boundaries of fashion and explore new & innovative ways of creating fashionable attires for our clients. Abiha Hassan is a platform where anything that the client can imagine will be achieved through professional artisanship & skills.